A massage therapist and mothers experience By Alaine O’Connor Remedial Massage Therapist

Having attended my son’s season of basketball matches this year, I was intrigued with the amount of times so many of the sub 14 year old boys experienced some form of heel pain. My interest heightened as, my son, was also one of those who suffered this complaint.
The most common heel pain in adolescent’s is known as Sever’s disease. The “disease” is actually a self-limiting condition that is a result of repetitive stress and strain being placed upon the achilles tendon where it attaches onto the hell bone (calcaneus). It is common in young athletes with 9-13 year old’s the most likely to suffer the condition. The way I explained it to my son was that I likened it to a guy rope on a tent pulling on the tent peg in the ground, if the rope it too tight (achilles tendon), then the peg may start to be pulled up from the ground (heel bone)

Each week I would attend my son’s training sessions and I was amazed at the amount of running and exercise the children were doing and the stress they were putting on their rapidly growing bodies. I was also surprised to see that there was no warm down or stretching at the end of the sessions. Therefore the children had little understanding of how important the recovery and warm down is for their bodies.
Initially I told my son to rest his legs and limit any strenuous activity for a couple of weeks. After this time we introduced some calf and foot stretches to help release the tension on the Achilles and throughout the foot. We then introduced some soft tissue massage and after the break he was back playing basketball again without any sign of pain.

The most comforting fact about Sever’s disease is that it is not a long term. With the correct treatment program, further flare ups can be prevented. If you know anyone who is experiencing this issue and would like some further information and a treatment, please contact us at www.ogosh.com.au