Recently I started swimming again in an attempt to get healthy before summer. On resuming my swimming, I started to notice some pinching in my right shoulder. Being a familiar pain, and with a little knowledge about the shoulder complex, I knew that what I was suffering from was a condition known as Shoulder Impingement.

Shoulder impingement is a condition that occurs when the arm is elevated to 90 degrees and literally causes a pinching of the tissues in the shoulder. These tissues may include a tendon of a muscle or a bursa (fluid filled sack).

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It is a common cause of pain in the shoulder, particularly in people with forwards shoulders/poor posture and swimmers and even painters. Although not life threatening, it can be a pain after activity of anything above 90 degrees…this includes swimming. It can lead to more serious injury of the shoulder such as tears of the tendon.

A thorough clinical evaluation of the shoulder can help diagnose this condition. Properly addressing shoulder mechanics with treatment, the right stretches and exercise can help reduce the irritation of these tissues, allowing us all to the activities that we like best!!

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