For us Victorians it can never come quick enough.

After a long hot summer you do start to look forward to rugging up in front of a warm fire listening to the rain hit the roof, but once the first set of frosts start to kick in and we loose our precious daylight – our eyes then turn to spring.

We’ve now slowed our bodies down for the past 3 months of winter, we’ve gathered our thoughts, rejuvenated, and now we are ready to hit our straps again and get moving! With spring comes warmth, and as the ground starts to heat up so does nature. What most of us think as a beautiful time of the year, others are quietly dreading the ramifications that spring brings with it. Over the next three months of spring we automatically start to cleanse ourselves from a long winter of storage and start to change our diet and lifestyle. This transition naturally detoxifies us but it doesn’t prepare those who are susceptible to allergies well enough. You need more, quite often you will need supplementation but some just need to make minor modifications to their diet and this alone can bring about great effects.

I have recently started training for a marathon in November and although I am quite excited by the thought of (hopefully) achieving this feat I also know that November is not a great time of the year for me as a hay fever sufferer. So to avoid the blocked nose, itchy eyes, headaches, sinus congestion, sneezing, red puffy eyes and brain fog (the list goes on and on!) coming into my marathon this year I have already started initiating a supplement program for myself in order to boost my immune system and keep my hay fever at bay. Gradually over the past 6 years during my studies I have been improving my immune response at this time of the year with significant results. This is my year!

If you suffer from hay fever, what I call god’s curse (such an amazing time of the year to breathe but we cant!) then I would start implementing some strategies now! And I am not talking about heading down to you’re local pharmacy and stocking up on Zyrtec, I want you to boost your immune system and stop relying on these antihistamines to get you through spring. If you can start to improve your immune reaction to certain allergens now, and gradually work on this each year just like I have done myself then there will be light at the end of the tunnel for you. Several years to come, you may find yourself going a spring without ever remembering you ‘once’ suffered from hay fever. It will be a thing of the past.

So for the 10-25% of us who are affected by allergies/hay fever lets take a natural alternative approach this year and do something positive for your body. Come into one of my clinics or talk to another local Naturopath and find an alternative to steroids, antihistamines, decongestants and desensitisation medications that suit you. Of course we could avoid the allergen all together and the problem could be solved, but then we would have to completely isolate ourselves from spring and in my eyes its my favourite time of the year. So let’s not use that option. Look after yourself to the best of your ability, you wont regret it later on in life!

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