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Did you know a bone is broken in Australia every 3.4 minutes?!

As we age, our bones gradually lose their density and can become weak, fragile and more likely to fracture. But there are several things you can do to keep your bones healthy and reduce the risk of fractures!

  • Get out in the sunshine! Your body needs vitamin D to help absorb calcium. Vitamin D is produced when your body is exposed to sunshine, but is also found in oily fish, liver, fortified spreads and cereals and egg yolks. To produce enough Vitamin D this winter, be sure to get a couple of hours of sun exposure throughout the week!
  • Ensure you are getting enough calcium in your diet! Calcium is vital to maintaining strong bones and can be found in dairy products, green leafy vegetables and tofu.


  • Stay active and regularly exercise! Bones get stronger when you use them and weight-bearing exercise is a great way to strengthen them! Walking, running, dancing, golf, tennis and weight training are all beneficial to bone health!

  • Reducing falls is important in preventing fractures. If you have any balance issues, be sure to consult your osteopath and they can help come up with a treatment plan!
  • Eat a balanced diet containing protein, fresh fruit and vegetables and carbohydrates to keep your body and bones nourished.

Be proactive with your bone health! To discuss with an osteopath book online at www.ogosh.com.au or call 03 5255 5040 (OG) or 03 4202 0446 (L)!