If you have back pain, you are not alone. More than 4.0 million Australians reported they suffer back problems.

Back pain can significantly impact your daily activities, family life, work, sporting and social activities.

Is there always a cause of lower back pain?

Back pain can range in severity from slight discomfort to debilitating pain. In almost 30% of cases a causative factor cannot not be identified, however this does not affect the ability to treat back pain. Some commonly reported causes of back pain include:

  • Awkward bending and twisting
  • Repetitive or heavy lifting
  • Poor posture or fatigue from prolonged exposure to a certain posture
  • Being tired or stressed
  • Traumatic injuries

Osteopath treatments for lower back pain

Low back pain is one of the most common ailments that patients present to our Leopold and Ocean Grove clinics.

Our Osteopaths will take a detailed history and perform a thorough physical and Orthopaedic examination to try to ascertain the origin of your pain as well as any contributing factors. Hands-on treatment is provided in conjunction with exercise, rehabilitation and lifestyle advice all aimed to relieve or reduce your lower back pain, helping you get back to normal so you can resume your daily activities or return to work.

Once we understand where your pain is and the potential contributing factors, our osteopaths will utilise various techniques, including soft tissue massage, muscle engaging techniques, articulation and manipulation to help relieve your pain and tenderness.

Managing lower back pain

After your osteopath treatment to ease your lower back pain, our osteopath may recommend some things to help manage pain, including gentle exercise and stretching, rest, or postural changes. One of the biggest areas of advice is how to stay active and modify current behaviours to limit your back pains impact on them. Research shows that staying active is one of the most effective ways to get on top of back pain and our Ocean Grove and Leopold Osteopaths can provide you with safe and effective strategies to achieve this.

Lower back pain relief with osteopaths

All of our Leopold and Ocean Grove osteopaths have many years of experience in treating and managing lower back pain for patients in Ocean Grove, Leopold, Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula and surrounding regions. We have a strong focus on patient education and rehabilitation.

If you are experiencing acute back pain (1-7 days) or chronic lower back pain (3+ months of pain), please contact the Ocean Grove and Leopold Osteopathy and Sports Health team at 5255 5040 for the Ocean Grove clinic or 4202 0446 for the Leopold clinic to book an appointment.