Without daily physical activity, our muscles become weak and tight, which can lead to back pain, neck pain and a range of other issues. Our practitioners commonly recommend stretches or strenghthening exercises to complement osteopathic and remedial massage treatment. Stretching has numerous benefits, including aiding in improved mobility and flexibility, managing pain and stiffness, improving joint range of motion, reducing stress on joints and improving blood flow to muscles. Our practitioners tailor their stretching and exercise recommendations specifically to help improve treatment outcomes and manage your symptoms. Be sure you remember to do your exercises between appointments and read our stretching dos and don’t below!


  • Undertake a regular stretching program if you regularly engage in strenuous exercises (eg running, tennis, cycling, lifting weights), because such activities can cause muscle tightness and inflexibility


  • Complete ‘active stretching’ (stretches involving general range of movement of joints) BEFORE a training session, in conjunction with a warm up jog/walk/cycle swim (depending on your activity!)


  • Perform ‘static stretching’ (stretching and holding the position) AFTER a training session to help keep you flexible and potentially prevent common injuries (eg knee and ankle problems from running or sore shoulders and elbows from lifting weights).


  • Hold a stretch for 30 seconds in order to achieve the greatest effect (unless you are doing ‘active stretching,’ which involves movement rather than holding still). It is also fine to hold stretches for slightly longer if you wish


  • Stretch to the point of pain or discomfort


  • Stretch after surgery or injury without first consulting a health professional


  • ‘Bounce’ while stretching, especially if you have not performed a warm up activity prior to stretching – this can lead to muscle tearing

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