Knee pain and the weather – two topics that are sure to get people talking.

If you experience knee pain, everyday tasks like stairs, driving, even carrying groceries can be difficult. Not to mention the frustration you feel when your pain prevents you from doing activities you enjoy, like cycling or golfing.

Knee pain is common; however, the causes of knee pain range.

Anyone can experience knee pain

Men, women, children – knee pain does not discriminate. Kids can experience pain during excessive activity or growth spurts, older generations may suffer knee pain due to arthritis, or a person’s age, weight and physical activity can be causes. Whatever the cause, knee pain typically falls into one of three categories:

Knee pain has a wide variety of causes and treatments.

Osteopathic treatment for knee pain

Our osteopaths are trained to identify your knee pain source and then treat you using a range of manual therapy techniques, including soft tissue massage, stretching, joint mobilisation, joint manipulation, myofascial stretching/release, and gentle traction techniques as well as dry needling. Our Osteopaths will also provide you with lifestyle advice and a tailored exercise program to help strengthen the muscles around your knee, enabling you to improve your knees function and take control of your knee pain.

Seeing an osteopath at Ocean Grove & Leopold Osteopathy and Sports Health can assist your knee pain in many ways.

  • Increase your range of movement
  • Strengthen your muscles
  • Release soft tissue tightness
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Rehabilitate your knee after surgery
  • Provide exercise advice
  • Help you maintain an active lifestyle

Come in for an osteopathic treatment for your knee pain or read the five easy exercises our osteopath, Taylor, shared to both strengthen and keep the knees mobile.

Contact your osteopath for knee pain relief

Call or book online for a treatment with one of the best osteopaths in Ocean Grove (03) 5255 5040 or Leopold (03) 4202 0446 to manage your presenting concerns, and let us help achieve your health goals to be a better version of you.