Did you know your mood can affect your food choices? And, on the flip side, your food choices can affect your mood.

If you’re feeling a bit down in the dumps, irritated, lacking motivation or just low on energy, its often difficult to find the motivation and energy to make healthy choices regarding food and your diet. The easy solution is usually to reach for foods that are comforting (i.e. foods high in sugar and or fat) or you may not wish to eat at all.

But a healthy diet is important not only for your Gut, but also for your brain and your mental health. A poor diet can affect your mood and energy levels and contribute to things such as anxiety, depression and poor gut health.

When motivation and energy are lacking, you may find foods such as takeaways, chips, soft drink and lollies appealing. Unfortunately, a diet focused on these types of foods is more likely to exacerbate symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Healthy eating options

  1. Healthy fats like the ones found in fish and extra virgin olive oil. These fats have been shown to be important for our blood vessels and our brain and may have an important anti-inflammatory effect that helps to prevent depression.


  1. Wholegrains such as buckwheat, wild rice. These fibre-rich foods can promote the growth of good gut bacteria that may have a positive effect on mental health.


  1. Fruit and vegetables. These colourful components of the diet contain a wealth of important nutrients including antioxidants that help to prevent cell damage.


  1. Fermented foods like yoghurt can also help to encourage the growth of good gut bacteria that positively impact on mental health.


  1. Nuts, seeds and legumes. These powerhouses of the diet are good sources of plant-based protein, healthy fats and fibre.

And don’t forget your liquid intake: water will keep you hydrated and help you to feel more alert and productive.

Studies have demonstrated the benefits of these changes on improving gut health and found that it has positive effects on the brain and production of mood boosting hormones!

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For more information please head to: https://www.microba.com/latest-science/gut-health-and-mental-health/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIy-KL18Kp4wIV1xwrCh0EbwNQEAAYASAAEgLM4PD_BwE