Why you should move more!

We’ve all been told that exercise is necessary to get fit and be healthy and that 30mins a day is adequate for our health, but of course, some do more, and others do less.

But why is it so important for us to get up and moving?

    Warmer weather usually brings with it a sense of renewed motivation to get out and moving more.
    However, in true Spring style we’re left feeling a little topsy turvy as to whether we should be as
    reliant on warmer conditions to get the heart rate up. With only a month left until Summer let’s
    ditch the excuses and just move that body!! Whilst we’re at it, let’s ensure we’re moving well! As
    Osteopaths we like to encourage the body to move as efficiently as possible.

    Why is it important to move more?
    Improves muscular and cardiorespiratory fitness. We feel stronger and fitter.

    Improves bone and functional health. Regular movement promotes healthy joints by providing
    flexibility and strength (think bone mineral density) and can also decrease joint swelling and

    Reduces the risk of hypertension, coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes and various types of
    cancer (including breast and colon cancers). Our heart function improves along with blood

    Improves Mental health. Physical activity releases endorphins that in turn increases energy levels
    and helps relieve stress and give the mind some clarity, therefore, decreasing the risk of depression
    and anxiety.

    Reduces the risk of falls; as well as hip and spinal fractures. Our balance and coordination improves.

    Helps maintain a healthy body weight. When we are sitting for prolonged periods our major leg and
    buttock (gluteal) muscles often weaken. These muscles are important for walking and stabilising us
    and if they’re not activated enough we are more likely to experience stresses and strains on other
    parts of the body when we do try to move.

    How to include it into my daily life?
    Current WHO (World Health Organisation) guidelines recommend 150 minutes of moderate
    intensity aerobic activity spread throughout the week. Generally, aim for on average at least 30
    minutes of physical activity per day.

    Sit less! Incidental movements that are frequent and short throughout the day are best such as
    walking to fill up your water bottle, standing during a meeting or taking the stairs.

    Establish a daily movement routine that works for you. We take a shower and brush our teeth every
    day; then implementing a simple 10-minute home mobility and stretch regime should become easy
    and automatic.

    Remember it’s all about creating changes that not only encourage movement but that you enjoy.
    Think a brisk walk with a friend or the dog, cycling (even on the stationary bike at home) or having a
    crazy dance off with the kids or grandkids.

If you are experiencing any aches, pains or injuries that are limiting your movement or activity, please feel free to visit the clinic and have a chat with Maddy! Click here to book an appointment or call our friendly team of 5255 5040 (OG) or 4202 0446 (L) to discuss how we can help you achieve your health goals