Searching For Motivation: Finding Your “Grand Final”

I have mostly lead a very active life, playing multiple sports during my teens and then playing senior football for 17 years. During this time I would train 2 or 3 times a week and play a game on the weekends. The beauty of playing team sport for such a long period is that there is never a need to find “motivation” to exercise, as I always had other people relying on me to perform and I would never want to let my team down. Now that I am a few years retired from playing football, I find myself in a totally new stage of exercise, I need “Self Motivation”. No one is relying on me to “perform” and the only person I will let down if I don’t exercise is myself. Let me say, I have struggled to find the motivation to exercise over the last few years.

Mark - Finding Motivation - 2

I work in the health field and advise my patients on a daily basis about the need to maintain regular exercise, I help patient’s modify activities/exercises to work for them, to fit into their routines. But, I was finding myself not practising what I was preaching and I was doing less and less exercise whilst slowly putting on more weight and becoming less healthy overall.

I reached a point toward the end of 2018 when I felt I reached a fork in the road, I was the heaviest I have ever been and was not feeling energetic or healthy at all. I decided that running was a good way to get me back exercising as I have done a lot of it in the past through football, and my body was in a decent enough condition to tolerate it. I started with a small 3km run to test the waters…..those waters were rough and nearly drowned me. I could not believe how hard it was to do something that I had done 100’s of times previously. I was a bit down on myself about how “unfit” I was. However, I decided to practice what I tell my patients, don’t compare yourself to what has been, you are here now and this is your reality, so focus on the now, not the what used to be. I decided that I would just stick to 3 km runs and try not to worry about time, but more on trying to enjoy just running. Over the next month or so I tried to commit to at least 3 runs a week, and as I got into a rhythm of this the runs became easier and I started to increase the runs to roughly 5km. I was still huffing and puffing but starting to find the running easier each session.

Mark - Finding Motivation - 1


Then I hit the wall of lacking motivation. For so many years I always had a goal to train toward, winning a premiership. Now though I found myself just running because I felt I “needed to be healthier”. This in itself is a great goal that we all should focus on, but I found it was not enough to sustain me on some early mornings when I was tired, it became easy to just “do it tomorrow”. Before I knew it, I had not run for over a week and could easily just not run.

That’s when I decided to bite the bullet and set myself a tangible goal, I needed a new “grand final” to train toward. I decided that I would enter the Great Ocean Road Half Marathon, a 23km run on a very hilly coastal road. I have never run further than 10km in my life and this seemed like a hard but hopefully achievable goal. My wife actually provided the motivation, as she had  previously completed the race and described a great sense of accomplishment when she finished.


So now I have my grand final date set I am feeling excited to get out and run, even though it is challenging and hard at times. In my coming blogs I will share my training approach and tips for preparing for a distance running event. Keep an eye out on Instagram and Facebook for updates and feel free to yell out if you see my out on the roads.

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