Merry Christmas everyone!  I wanted to say a big thank you to you all for such a warm welcome to the clinic and I thank you for the trust you have placed in my care of your individual needs.

With such an unusual year this year, many of you have noticed that your mind and body have changed.  Hopefully, it is for the better.  If not so good changes have been noticed, then the summer holidays are a great time to reflect and make some positive changes.  New resolutions and all that!

Self-care needs to be a priority.  There are many ways in which we do that.  Pre Covid I had started a regular walking routine with my dog (who I love spending time with because I have to stay focused on him for his training and safety).  This was my mindfulness – nothing else mattered during this time.  With the shutdown and forced closure of the Massage and Myotherapy industry, this increased to every morning and I walked with a friend and her dog. We walked (physical activity), we chatted (increased our HR and respiration) and we debriefed solving the problems of the world of course!  A new friendship has developed and we stayed connected (with social distancing and masks) and maintained our own sense of community, exploring different areas in our region and supporting the local coffee vans that popped up everywhere.

This time made me realise that even though I loved watching my kids enjoy their sporting activities, this really wasn’t fulfilling my own self-care needs.  I realised that I shouldn’t just settle for what should make me happy, I had to go out and participate.  So I did, I created a good habit, walking Monday-Friday,  I returned to horse riding after 15 years and just last week started back playing basketball.  All of this for me.  And you know what, the family is happy and the housework was there for me when I got back, but I was happy, content and the pressures of life seemed much less.

Self-care includes relaxing (whatever makes your passion and desire thrive), stretching, and yes going and getting treatment.  Massage and myotherapy are about your needs, your time, your self-care, and each treatment is specific for the symptoms you are experiencing on the day.

Enjoy each glorious summer day, stay safe, and encourage others, touch base with old friends even just for a chat.  Check-in with yourself and ask “am I doing OK?” If there is something that you have wanted to do, go and do it! Enjoy 2021 because you know what is ahead of you!

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