So why should you be doing your stretches?

Stretches – Ugh! I know I know, we think that when we have to do stretches its something else that’s added on to our already busy day/schedules. A lot of the time when we see our osteo/massage therapist, we don’t just get treated, we also get a whole bunch of stretches and exercises as homework.

Now I don’t know about you…. But when I think of homework, I automatically think…Nah. I wasn’t great at doing it at school and now in adulthood, I’m even worse. The thing is, it really helps.

Stretching can be used as a recovery exercise, corrective, preventative and sometimes it just feels really good.

Knowing the right stretches to do is the key. When you work out a muscle, it actually shortens that muscle. That’s why we need to stretch it out afterward. Not stretching will increase tightness in the body which will put more pressure on joints.

We can also use stretching as a corrective measure. A lot of people have shoulders that rotate forward, causing the muscles in the upper back to become overstretched and muscles in the front to be under stretched. We feel the pain in our upper back and often than not, try to stretch that part. When in actual fact, we need to stretch the front. The back muscles are already stretched out, putting more pressure on this can cause damage and more pain in the long run. Always check with your Dr/Therapist if the stretches your doing are the right ones for you.

As my Nan always says, “a cat always stretches first thing in the morning, and so should I”

Happy Stretching!


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