I know, this is meant to be a blog about massage or health and the like, but at this time of year, I feel the need to share tips and tricks to make it through the holiday season.

Fairly ironic since I’m not sure I’m doing such a great job of getting through the silly season. Past Nikki was always all over it. With nieces and nephews in the UK, I usually have all the shopping done and sent off by mid November…. present Nikki hasn’t done a thing but get a little tipsy and online shop…….for herself. Santa is being very good to me this year .

Even though my entire family will be getting cards this year, it’s actually not a bad thing and I’m trying not to beat myself up about it. We are actually very fortunate to be able to buy ourselves what we need and when we need it throughout the year. So it comes to Christmas and there’s nothing we need. Hence Gift Cards! It’s a great way of people getting what they want, when they want it.

Some thinking outside the box gift cards and vouchers-

  • Ocean Grove Osteopathy and Sports Health (of course) – for all your Massage and Myotherapy needs
  • The Wellness Studio Geelong – for Flotation, salt rooms, relaxation… need I say more
  • Red balloon- For experiences of a different kind

There is always the good old Gold Class vouchers or Readings, which I actually love! Hint hint


It should come as no shock that I love food. Christmas time is a time to eat too much, drink too much and to create the need to have New Years resolutions.

Don’t be too hard on yourself this Christmas, throw the diet out the window, and enjoy yourself. You only live once, enjoy the people around you while you have them. Enjoy the amazing food you only eat once a year!


Not all of us are lucky enough to live around the corner from our family, and Christmas Day might mean that your driving all over the state to see loved ones.

Planta fasciitis can play up heaps when your driving, so some tips for this

  • Wear sneakers or stable shoes
  • Get yourself some planta fasciitis socks, these saved my feet of long car drives
  • Stretch, get out and have a walk around and a good calf stretch
  • If you have cruise control, it will help.

The neck and shoulders can start to get rather tense while driving also, a good tip is to try and get your shoulder blades together and down. This will take some of the tension off the shoulders and the mid upper back.

My favourite stretches for this are the trap stretch


And the pec stretch


Don’t do these while driving, but when you have breaks, before and after.


Now down to the serious stuff. Not all of us are so fortunate at this time of the year. Or at any time of the year. Our firefighters are doing an amazing job while a good portion of our country is burning.

The Red Cross is going all they can to help out and would greatly appreciate any donation.


They are always looking for volunteers also.


Feed Geelong is another organisation that helps put food on the table for people who need it.



Food Bank Australia



If you or anyone you know is having a hard time this Christmas, give Beyond Blue a call. The link below has the numbers for many different help lines, including Headspace, Mensline, Kids help and many more. There is always help and friendly ear. Sometime it’s just nice to have someone to talk to.


I guess it’s not really tips and tricks, but some things to think about this Christmas time. Don’t forget everyone is stressed at Christmas time and it’s overwhelming for most of us.


Be kind to yourself and others

Don’t drink and drive

Eat till you feel sick

Love every moment with your family

Merry Christmas!

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