This week’s post is focusing on Judi’s cousin Megan Coburn’s book titled Be Brave, Be Bold, Be You – the No BS guide to living with a Mental Illness and succeeding at life. Judi write this blog not to promote Megan’s book, but to promote the message Megan and a lot of others are trying to achieve.

The book is full of inspirational stories of real people living with mental illness and succeeding at life.

Megan’s gift of wisdom is:

  • Sleep is your best friend – this is when your body does its best work
  • Spend time in nature – it is very calming and is your biggest healer
  • It is never weak to speak – talk to your loved ones about how you are really feeling
  • Get active – even if it’s a slow walk your mind and body will love it
  • Be kind to yourself with your thought and actions, as your mind is very powerful
  • Take one day at a time
  • Treat yourself to something that you really enjoy – you deserve it!
  • Other themes throughout Megan’s book mention the importance the following play in her life – mindfulness, meditation, the beach, nutrition, exercise, gratefulness, sunrise, sunset, smell of fresh flowers, family, laughing, music and much more….

All of the profits from the sale of her book go to Love Me Love You Foundation This foundation providers interactive and engaging programs that challenge the views and stigmas surrounding youth mental health targeting 15-30 year olds

A copy of the book is in the waiting room at our Ocean Grove clinic if you wish to have a read.